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Bomb pots and explode the Americas Cardroom tables.

Online poker bomb pots and exploding American poker tables. At times, the live tables in this room see spikes in pre-flop pots, causing the action to escalate to very high levels. This is how bomb cans are played.

Bomb the jar and detonate the Americas Cardroom table

All online poker rooms are constantly looking for new players. However, few of them achieve their goals. Those who can do this are still held in high regard by players, and it’s evident in everyone’s traffic. Because of this, more and more players are turning to Americas Cardroom .

This room has come up with an explosive way to play cash games. In fact, the name says a lot, and even sounds tempting: Bomb Cans adds even more gunpowder to these Bomb Can Tables.

why? Cash game players typically play at the table, regardless of rank, until a bomb explodes on the table before the cards are dealt. For example, all players post two blinds, deal the cards, and watch the flop. From there, the action continues like a normal hand, but everyone is fighting for the big pots that have been created .

These tables are marked with a bomb icon in the Americas Cardroom to make them easier to spot. Explodes 4 bombs per hour in 6-Max and 4 bombs per hour in 9-Max. Of course, Blitz Poker tables and cash limit tables do not participate.

Beauty card room .

Japanese woman discovers poker at 71 and changes her outlook on life

Anyone who plays poker knows the game has the power to change things. Often, many of the concepts and lessons learned from the game can be applied to other areas as well, leading many to actually make poker a way of life.

Additionally, the mix of people, cultures and age groups in poker is another consideration. At one table, for example, you can find a young man pursuing his dream of becoming a professional, a grown-up millionaire and businessman, or even an older man who just wants a reason to chat.

On that last point, Japanese YouTuber “Sashimi” has a wonderful story to tell. The poker vlogger for YouTube uses her Twitter profile to talk about another player who learned about poker through video and changed her life.

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A 71 year old woman with no other purpose in life has accomplished so much. According to Sashimi, the 71-year-old said she was ready to leave with no regrets. It wasn’t until she discovered it through video poker and decided to play that everything changed: a love of poker changed Japanese women’s attitudes towards life.

The 71-year-old Japanese woman was so drawn to the game that she found a reason to stick with it, and according to the content creator, she said she no longer wanted to die, but wanted to play poker and enjoy the rest of her life. For someone who is passionate about games and knows everything about it, is there anything cooler than reading a story like this?

“71 year old lady from Japan who did everything in her life and she was like ‘No wish list. I could die anytime, no regrets!!!'” But after watching poker vlogs on YouTube, she changed idea. Now she does not want to die, she said she wants to play poker and enjoy the rest of her life. “

🇯🇵’s 71 year old lady who did everything in her life she was like “No bucket list. It’s ok to die anytime, no regrets!!! But after watching poker vlogs on YouTube, she changed her mind. Now she doesn’t want to die, she says she wants to play poker and enjoy the rest of her life

– さし🐟 Sashimi (@sashimipoker) March 13, 2023

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Bruno Volkmann Collides with QQ and Falls on the FT Bubble of Event 8 of the WSOP Spring Circuit

With one of the most enviable resumes in the country, poker star Bruno Volkmann tops the WSOP Spring Online Circuit. He broke the decision circle on the final day of Event 8: $800 NL Hold’em Deepstack. The Santa Catarina native has won a total of $10,655.

Volkmann started the action with 97 big blinds, the most in chips out of the 41 qualifiers. The battle for the coveted ring quickly dwindled to fewer than 15 players. Even outside of the lead, the pro was fighting for his place in the game.

When he was down to 18bbs, Volkmann opened on the button. Big name “NeverLucky96” then declared an all-in 3-bet. The Brazilian called with 9♠9♣. The Canadian’s hole card was Q♥Q♣, the hole card was 9♦Q♦4♠8♥7♥, and the Canadian won the pot.

In the same game, “laxxedAF” also defeated QQ. A♦7♦ dominating the Costa Rican couldn’t find outs on the 5♣2♠3♥7♥ board and saw “sodosodo” double his stack.

With Volkmann gone, Tullio Dutra is Brazil’s only title hope. As the FT leader, he can win up to $163,210.

Satellite to the KSOP GGPoker Special delivers 18 packages; check it out

The countdown to the KSOP GGPoker special has begun and many players have secured their seats in the Main Event at Balneário Camboriú. The first satellite pack was played on his GGPoker this Sunday and was a huge success. Guarantees nearly doubled, and in the end he was able to have 18 players qualify.

The satellite entry fee was $155 and there were 204 entries. As the number of players increases, 10 guaranteed packages become 18. Carlos Henrique “Wtfisthis”, Murilo Fidelis “RaiseBluff”, Arthur Torres “otuca”, Douglas Barbosa, André Berlanda “AAlecriM”, Caio Camargo “Keimouo 12 Mora” and Fernando Neri “Isildinho 1”.

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GGPoker is the official sponsor of his KSOP.Create an account to compete for seats in satellite events and enjoy the grid on site

Also on the leaderboard is Douglas Garcia, currently the main event runner-up. He is from Santa Catarina and is affectionately known as “b_en [07]”. He won his whopping R$727,500 last year and gave a very interesting interview, recalling key moments in his career both in gaming and life.

Douglas and the other qualifiers won his R$3,500 main event his buy-in, his 11 nights at the D’Sintra Hotel and one guest. The KSOP GGPoker special will take place from April 20th to 30th at his ExpoCentro in Balneário Camboriú.

Check out the top 18:

“Under 04”

“Pedro Car T29”

Arthur Torres “Otuka”




Marcos Sousa “Malkin Sousa”



“Always bluff”


Douglas Garcia “b_en[07]”

Kaiou Camargo “Keimouo 12 Mora”

Douglas Barbosa

Carlos Enrique “Wtfisthis”

Andrea Berlanda “AAlecrim”

Murillo Fideli’s “Raise Bluff”

Fernando Neri “isildinho1”

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Public and private tables: myths, differences and legends

Public and Private Enterprise: Myths, Differences, and Legends. This analysis and more can be found in the 209th episode of Spain’s premier radio program Marca Poker.

Public and Private Tables:Myths, Differences, and Legends

We’re into March’s Fortnite, another installment of MarcaPoker . The Spanish radio show did a great job of covering the mind sport and returned with an interesting topic for a good time for all podcasters and poker lovers alike.The show will air in episode 209, so dress to match the following themes: Tables

  • Interview with Alejandro Landaluce, Director General of Consejo Empresarial del Juego (CEJUEGO) Public games and private games, myths, differences, legends and responsible games.
  • Winamax Poker Tour de France final analysis.
  • A look back at today’s best live games.
  • A roundup of the most important news of the week.

Hear all this and more live from your announcer David Luzago By clicking on the following digital players:

  • What is Marca Poker?

The world of poker is becoming more popular than ever, with hundreds of thousands of players already around the world. That’s why they deserve a place for them.


David Luzago leads MarcaPoker.

Marca Poker brings you all the news from the poker world in one program; interviews, news, debates, rankings, live events, advice and everything you can think of about the world of the map.

All the news from the world of poker at the hands of David Luzago , one of the most important voices in Spanish poker. Player, broadcaster and organizer of countless events, he is responsible for the direction and presentation of the room.

The radio program is broadcast every Sunday evening on Spanish Radio Marca and is sponsored by the online poker room

If you want to listen to more programs, we invite you to check out their online archives, which you can access through this link , and you will surely have a good time with this program which has become the most listened to in Spanish speaking countries. .. countertop countertop countertop countertop countertop countertop countertop countertop countertop countertop countertop countertop countertop countertop countertop countertop countertop countertop countertop countertop countertop countertop countertop countertop countertop countertop countertop countertop countertop countertop


Patrick Ulysséa makes a deal in the Sunday High Roller and wins $80,000

The country’s grinders return to the Americas Poker Room site to vie for the title of Sunday’s main tournament. Earlier this morning, Patrick Ulysséa closed the deal in the 3-max $630 Sunday High Roller. The owner of the smaller stack, the “Pity” account driver, added $80,949 to his bankroll.

For his part, “kick in the gut” exited the $1,050 Apestyles Sunday Banana PKO heads-up. In total, he won $34,263.

“kick in the gut” was the first to be eliminated from the final table in the $215 Sunday Special. For eighth place, he received $5,748.

Later, in a $630 PKO high-roller, country played doubles against two Team Samba stars. Winner Warley “SunTzu1” Bruno took home $24,982, while Pedro “PeDeAnjo7” Padilha took home $12,424. Also in the tournament, Elerson “Exploited” Kirsten finished in fifth place for $6,846.

Elson didn’t stop there. In the $215 Mega Stack, he took second place out of 184 entrants, a performance that earned him an additional $16,897.

Start the week making history in WPT Global

Start a new week with online poker and make history at WPT Global. The World Poker Tour Room not only gives you the chance to put your name on top of tournaments, but it also gives you the opportunity to make your name the name of the tournament. Learn how here.

Start your week making history at WPT Global

WPT Global wants to put someone’s name in one of their tournaments…it could be you! started.

Every day at 18:45 ET* (your name or nickname) there is a deep stack tournament with a $5.50 buy-in and $500 guaranteed . What Room wants is to change “your name or nickname” to the name of a user who can win two of his contests within 30 days. It’s as easy as that.

If successful, simply contact WPT Global Customer Service and they will take care of the rest.

How to play WPT Global

Each player starts with his 20,000 chips and can register for the event until the end of level 12. Each player can re-enter him up to 2 times and the blinds increase every 4 minutes he has.

The tournament will also live in your name for 30 days or until the next person wins him twice.

Certain tournaments are now available under the Tournaments tab of the program. Want to immortalize in the WPT World competition? So here’s your chance.

*Please check the local time here

16 Spanish victories in PokerStars Sunday tournaments

The Regular Tournaments at PokerStars Sunday protagonist.

The Red Spade Room hosted 13 races with a total cost of more than €10,000 and prize money of €438,000 . Unfortunately, none of them ended with a Spanish victory .

Apart from the big tournaments, the Red yesterday achieved a total of 16 victories . These were the Spanish victors :

  1. “charligood81” (Peacekeeping 10 euros).
  2. “nandopadel91” (3 euros for peacekeeping operations).
  3. “salte23” (Peacekeeping 10 euros).
  4. “Santi 148701” (10 euros for peacekeeping operations).
  5. “navarro34200” (10 euros for peacekeeping operations).
  6. “Arnaucastro” (10 euros for peacekeeping operations).
  7. “Adivino9” (SuperStack 5€).
  8. “ESPINETE_80” (Super KO 20€).
  9. “marin_bg88” (SuperStack 1€).*
  10. “AngelPuga98” (SuperStack €5).*
  11. “gatitasury” (The Mini Hot BigStack Turbo €5).
  12. “japino250” (Hold’em NL €3).
  13. “marquitos287” (Sunday supersonic €50).
  14. “Santolin6” (Hold’em NL €2). *
  15. “Juanmanuee” (Peacekeeping €3).
  16. “etterbeek1” (SuperStack Turbo €5).*

The Spaniards got 4 doublets (marked in the list with an asterisk) and the balance in the HU was very unfavorable for ours: 12 wins vs 21 second places .

These are the results of the regular Sunday tournaments that had 5-figure jackpots:

  1. FuThAIIC (Sunday Mini 5 Euros. Prize: 1,768.11 Euros. Fields: 3,103. Prize Pool: 13,964 Euros. Country: Montenegro).
  2. gabypoker10 (Sunday PKO €20. Prize Pool: €3,727.41. Field: €1,856. Prize Pool: €33,408. Country: France).
  3. MANdrade89 (Start Sunday €10. Prize Pool: €1,205.63. Field: 1,191. Prize pool: €10,719. Country: Brazil).
  4. slbenfica313 (Sunday Prize €100. Prize: €8,458.58. Fields: 496. Prize Pool: €44,640. Country: Portugal).
  5. jfpiva (more than 50 euros. Prize pool: 3,455.40 euros. Fields: 451. Prize pool: €20,295. Country: Brazil).
  6. romino57 (Mini Thunder €10. Prize money: €3,262.61. Field: 3,823. Prize pool: €34,407. Country: France).
  7. LagartoSeco (Thunder €50. Prize money: €4,915.74. Sessions: 874. Prize pool: €39,330. Country: Uruguay).
  8. capitaocc (classic €10 PKO. Prize pool: €5,180.37. Venue: 8,259. Prize pool: €74,331. Country: Portugal).
  9. Dannyalves14 (Sunday Grand Slam €30. Prize money: €6,069.57. Fields: 2,401. Prize pool: €64,827. Country: Portugal).
  10. moulymouky (BB €20. Prize money: €2,250.51. Field: 958. Prize pool: €20,000. Country: France).
  11. SEVA2018 (Big Bang €50. Prize money: €3,479.20. Number of entries: 514. Prize pool: €23,130. Country: Belarus).
  12. Viteshvara (Bounty Night €10. Prize money: €2,093.51. Venue: €2,448. Prize Pool: €22,032. Country: Belarus).
  13. Smash Donks8! (Sunday High Roller €250. Prize money: €8,906.79. Fields: 159. Prize pool: €36,968. Country: Portugal).

Today the regular tournaments will again be the main focus of pokerStars. VGL, Spaniards!

The game takes charge . Playing Poker Online has been illegal for 18 years.

Renan “Kenshinznho” Barros é vice do Evento 45-H da Bounty Builder Series

The country’s players put in a strong showing for their ninth straight event in the PokerStars Bounty Builder Series on Thursday. Event 45-H: $1,050 NL Hold’em Thursday Thrill saw Renan Barros win by knockout. The Kenshinznho account owner added $19,327 in total. The competition had 200 entries.

Meanwhile, “cury92” was on the podium in Event 41: $55 NL Hold’em Deep Stack. After defeating 3,036 opponents, he won $16,229.

In Event 45-L: $215 NL Hold’em Thursday Thrill, Vinícius “viinig” Gonçalves took bronze and $12,835.

Caio “clareou0408” Risério stopped heads-up for $11,354 in Event 47: $109 NL Hold’em.

“el-macedo” (3rd) and Carlos “Carloss.Rox” Henrique (4th) each earned $9,335 in Event 43-L: $55 NL Hold’em Mini Bounty Builder HR SE $6,636. Show more results:

le malfaiteu and -Viiitamine-, great protagonists of Day 3 of the Winamax Series

Day 3 of Winamax Series April 2023 was played yesterday on Winamax .fres . A total of 20 five-figure jackpot tournaments were completed that day, with a total of €1.37 million paid out. In addition, there are 10 regular tournaments with prize pools in excess of €10,000, bringing prize pools to €176,000 .

The biggest event of the day was the WS-58 NLHE – 6 Max – MYSTERY CHAMPIONSHIP with a €250 prize pool, 1,066 entries and a €246,246 prize pool. The final victory belonged to ” le malfaiteu “, who took home €34,951.62 after HU defeated “TanokaBeard” (€30,835.72). These are the prizes won for final table components:

  1. mischief “: 34,951.62 Euros.
  2. “Tanoka Beard”: €30,835.72.
  3. “Pic d’Ossau”: €16,554.62.
  4. “mmaRetardwx”: €13,363.83.
  5. “iIidjdjgq”: €7,275.78.
  6. “JULIE260”: €5,733.92.
  7. “Mesi Xikito”: €5,673.94.

Special mention goes to the streak player ” -Viiitamine- “; after winning WS-47 NLHE – 3 Max – Deglingos (€8,183.92) on Monday , he won WS-51 NLHE – 6 Max – KO on Tuesday , with a prize of $13,333.78 .

Likewise, 3 other winners won a prize pool of over €10,000:

  • jackie chan “(WS-53 NLHE – 6 Max – Rebuy: €13,880.42).
  • C. Alcaraz “(WS-56 NLHE – 6 Max – Mystery: €16,154.53).
  • Sabine “(WS-57 NLHE – 6 Max – Monster Stack: €18,877.43).

In terms of prize pools , there are 3 races with more than €100,000 in prize money :

  • WS-51 NLHE – 6 Max – KO: 144,045 Euros.
  • WS-56 NLHE – 6 Max – Secret: 163,935 Euros.
  • WS-58 NLHE – 6 Max – Mystery Championship: €246,246.

Here are the detailed results from the Winamax series that concluded yesterday:

  • 1
  • 2
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