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EPT: Markkos Ladev gets huge salary bump after 0.5 blinds

Markkos Ladev makes stunning comeback at €50,000 E...

EPT Paris’ €50,000 Super High Roller Event was one of the day’s major highlights in the world of poker. Six players, including many big names, are back in action today in the French capital vying for the championship and nearly €900,000 in prize money. Estonian Markkos Ladev is one of the contestants.

The pro entered the final table with the third-best chip stack, but didn’t have a lucky day on his way back to the tournament. However, after everything went wrong and with 0.5 blinds remaining, Ladev pulled off a sensational comeback and picked up a win that at least left a taste of victory.

Markkos Ladev entered at the end of the round when he tried to call a huge bluff on Chris Brewer, who got on the leaderboard. The Americans paid to watch, leaving the Estonians with 35,000 chips in the 40,000/80,000 blinds. Automatically going all-in from the big blind, Ladev began his comeback and tripled his stack to 105,000 chips, just over 1 blind.

The next time he came on, Ladev tripled again, this time with a king high(!). The stack is up to 275,000, now just over 3 blinds. He won another hand, reaching 610,000, and then it was his turn to go all-in against German Sirzat Hissou, who was out of form with K7 of spades against his opponent’s 99.

Ladev made a flush, tearing his opponent to pieces and leaving Hissou right in the blind spot after a crushing defeat. Not only did Markkos Ladev double up again and reach 12 blinds, but he also saw Sirzat Hissou eliminated on the next hand and pocketed a nice bonus of €58,300.

Markkos collapsed after the German closed his account with €189,600. Radev saw that his comeback was over. In another match against Chris Brewer, Stoan saw his opponent’s AJ beat him to a 33 and he left the tournament with €247,900. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than it could have been, right?

Markkos Ladev makes stunning comeback at €50,000 E...

Kim de Sousa leads Brazilian qualifiers on Day 1B of EPT Paris Main Event

Kim de Sousa leads Brazilian qualifiers on Day 1B...

Brazil has received reinforcements for the EPT Paris Main Event title race. On Day 1B, 12 Brazilian players survived 10 60-minute levels against nearly 700 players eliminated.

The green and yellow team is led by Kim de Sousa. As the owner of 149,500 chips, he will have 100 BBS when he returns to the Palace of Parliament.

After winning three KSOP GGPoker South American titles, Bruno Porto is tied with Kim on 145,000 chips.

Other qualifiers are Pedro Madeira (113,500), Carlos Ribeiro (95,000), Joao Siddons (86,000), Cayo Almdeda (68,500), Giovanni Torre (59,500), Luis Neto Horta (50,500) and Braulio Bianchetti (49,500), Wellington Guedes (37,000), Iuri Maia (32,000) and Diogo de Melo Cardoso (22,000).

Frenchman Gregory Fournier leads the way with 351,000 chips. Padraig O’Neill also advanced. In December, the Irishman won the Prague Main Event for €1,030,000.

Play resumes at 8am (Brazil time) with blinds of 1,000/1,500, BB bets. A total of 557 players have confirmed their participation, but since subsequent registrations will not end until the cards are issued, the number of participants may still increase. To date, 1,661 registrations have been completed, worth €5,300.

Kim de Sousa leads Brazilian qualifiers on Day 1B...

GGPoker guarantees almost $1 million in Mystery Bounty tournaments on Saturday

GGPoker guarantees almost $1 million in Mystery Bo...

A format that has gained some popularity with the Brazilian public, the Mystery Bounty has been a regular feature in the main online poker series and events. However, if you don’t want to wait until a specific series takes place, you can play the Mystery Bounty tournaments every Saturday on GGPoker. During the last Saturdays of December, two of the three Mystery Bounty events on the GG grid were transformed into Winter Giveaway Series events, which will also take place this Saturday, January 6th. Despite being part of GGPoker’s winter series, the tournaments are part of the daily Saturday schedule, so, series or not, they will continue to be part of the weekend’s range of tournaments. Check out the three Mystery Bounty tournament options scheduled for Saturday (06); $15 Saturday Secret KO [Mystery Bounty] – 3pm – $250,000 GTD – Top Bounty $25,000 $150 Saturday Secret KO [Mystery Bounty] – 3pm – $500,000 GTD – Top Bounty $50,000 $1050 Saturday Secret KO [Mystery Bounty] – 3:05pm – $200,000 GTD – Top Bounty $17,500 There are “express” satellites available for each of these events. Through the satellites, it is possible to qualify for each of the tournaments for up to ¼ of the real value of the event.

GGPoker guarantees almost $1 million in Mystery Bo...

magatee made a wonderful appearance in Winamax HighRoller

Magatee stands out in Winamax’s HighRoller

Yesterday’s regular tournament was the focus of Winamax .fres. A total of 25tournaments with 5-figure jackpots were organized throughout Thursday in the French region, of which 648,540 euros were paid out Bonus.

magatee, the star of the day

Four competitions offer prizes worth over €5,000 to the winners.

  • “ma​​​​”, a nickname unknown to us. Among any other wins in the lobby, I won 250€HighRoller and won the biggest prize of the day: €7,675. 44.
  • “TitineCovid” won €6,83345
  • “Jim Leja” holds more than half of the €250 Mystery KO pot for €5,691.84.
  • “Dirty_Kenny” won Primetime €50 and received a payout of 6,801,94.

Magatee stands out in Winamax’s HighRoller

Rodrigo Anacoretto is Suprema’s Battle HR Champion

Rodrigo Anacoretto is Suprema’s Battle HR Champion

Rodrigo “VilaArapua” Anacoretto took a very tight straight to the podium in Suprema’s R$250 Battle HR on Thursday the 11th. There were 825 competitors in this competition.

In the R$2,000 Omax SHR competition, “Reizinho10” emerged from a field of 48 players to take home R$34,575. View other results:

R$ 750 HighS (107 entries)

Winner: “PequeNINA” R$ 19,401

R$ 550 Mystery HR (140 entries)

Winner: “Gostozaum” R$ 13,393

R$5 Plus (4,394 entries Entries)

Champion: “Dragao250” €12,100

Rodrigo Anacoretto is Suprema’s Battle HR Champion

Grinder Report: all the action from the virtual poker tables

Grinder Report: all the action of virtual wipes

All the Action on the Virtual Tables Uruguay’s Francisco Garcia is hosting the $250 Daily Main Event with compatriot Joaquin Melogno. There were other players who contributed their share in other games.

After a couple of dry sessions for Legion, our grinder came back with a good performance, and he boosted his game and morale, which is key for long hours.

Melogno is back in the Grinder Report series with a final table.

LilDoer wins $21.60 Mini Big Game who received $5,422. The same thing happened with Maguacata He pocketed $2,073 after finishing first in the $44 Forty Chip event .

Meanwhile, Francisco Garcia (Cover Photo) Finished third in the $250 Daily Main Event for $5,408. Joaquin Melogno also participated in this competition Whoever finishes fifth gets $3,041 and air770 Finish second in Bounty Builder 7.50 and earn $1,232. In the same position, but in 11 Mini Fenomeno, is Jaes76 Credit $1,861.

Last Grinder Magic South Finished 2nd in the GGMasters Bounty Special $21.60 and earned $2,832

Grinder Report: all the action of virtual wipes

KSOP SA: Satellite delivers 20 packages; Christian Stival advances

KSOP GGPoker South America Satellite Offers Twice...

The latest KSOP GGPoker South American Satellite at the Laguna Hotel attached to the Rio Center complex was a huge success and deserves a full set. With 10 packs guaranteed, the Mega to KSOP South America Main Event exploded with 233 participants, delivering double the number of packs promised.

The buy-in was $250, and 20 packages were given away, worth $2,660 each. In total, there were 13 lucky Brazilians, 5 Argentines and 2 Chileans. The most well-known name is GGPoker Ambassador: Cristian Stival from Hermano, who was also a finalist in the KSOP GGPoker Fortaleza Main Event in October.

Stival and 19 other players were given 15 days of hotel accommodation. Laguna Hotel and R$5,000 Main Event. Among the Brazilians, Eli Fagundes Jr, Jucélio Brandão “EspigaMaluca”, Anderson Machado “Ghost slayer” and Danton Gomes “3BarrelNuts” and Nathaly Faria “DamadeOur0” stand out.

Also successful: “pagaepuxa”, “joaoadreh”, “ImTheFish”, “Thalinemt” made it to the full house. , “fatboydiaz”, “Bnog”, “Aldika”, “SIOWN”, “RA@10@GY”, ” RICOLOYY”, “4 2 3 1 FUERA! “, “elrubi05”, “StuUngar87” and “Aonikenk”. Player “Datebayo!!!” was the bubble winner but received a $390 reward.

A total of 84 have been distributed in the online satellite Gift package. The KSOP GGPoker South American Satellite Tournament will continue next Sunday (17th), but the package will go to another hotel, and the specific time will be notified later. These steps will also continue throughout the week. The historic guarantee for this event is 50 million Lei Arles, will take place from February 24 to 7, 2024.

KSOP GGPoker South America Satellite Offers Twice...

Leandro Bianchini farewells Sao Paulo with final table

Leandro Bianchini farewells Sao Paulo with final t...

Leandro Bianchini bid farewell to the BSOP Millions 2023 festival in Sao Paulo with a victory at the final table of one of the high roller events.

Event #77 High Roller 15K featured 437 player entries worth R$15,000 ($3,054) and a guaranteed prize pool of R$2,500,000 ($509,002). Leandro finished in eighth place and won R$127,550 ($25,969).

This was his second final table of the festival, and he also won Event #62 P.K.O. Finished fourth. 5K Prize: BRL 47,500 (USD 9,687). In 2023, he has made 15 final tables (three in Brazil, the rest in Argentina), seven podiums and three wins, with $324,000 in prize money.

Leandro Bianchini farewells Sao Paulo with final t...

Allan Mello wins 30th bracelet with Brazil

Allan Mello is the 30th bracelet owner in Brazilia...

WSOP Paradise is off to the best start possible for Brazilian poker. The first gold bracelet awarded in the Bahamas was won by Alan Melo (aka Alan “The Chief”) for his stunning win on Millionaire Maker. In addition to the $1 million prize, the Samba star also made history with the 30th gold bracelet in the country’s history.

Brazil started the year with 21 gold bracelets. Rafael Reis, Gabriel Schroeder and Yuri Martins won live events in Las Vegas, while Vitor Dzivilevski won in Sin City in an online tournament on In the virtual version of GGPoker, Vinícius Steves, Geraldo César, Rodrigo Seiji and Yuri Martins once again won bracelets.

The 30th Brazilian bracelet brings another curiosity. Allan took home the biggest prize of all wins, along with 2018 Colossus champion Roberly Felício, who was awarded $1,000,000. With nine bracelets this year, 2023 becomes the best year for WSOP titles in Brazilian poker history.

The Gauchos helped bridge the gap between live and virtual champions, even though the tournament was a hybrid (partly online). and live partially). There are now 13 live wins and 17 online wins. Another special significance is that Allen’s victory in the Bahamas was the first bracelet for the Samba, one of the oldest and largest poker teams in Brazil.

Individual Events:

#1 – Alexander Gomez – 2008

Event #48 ($2,000 NLH) – Prize Pool: $770,540 – WSOP Las Vegas

#2 – André Akkari – 2011

Event #43 (USA) $1,500 NLH) – Prize Pool: US$675,117 – WSOP Las Vegas

#3 – Thiago Decano – 2015

Event #38 ($3,000 NLH) – Prize Pool: $546,843 – WSOP Las Vegas

#4 – Roberly Felicio – 2018

Event #7 ($565 Colossus) – Prize Pool: $1,000,000 – WSOP Pull Vegas

#5 – Murilo Figueredo – 2019

Event #14 ($1,500 (horse) – Prize Pool: $207,003 – WSOP Las Vegas Stud

#6 – Yuri Martins – 2019

Event #51 ($2,500 Mixed Stud Hi/Low – Omaha Hi/Lo) – Prize Pool: $213,750 – WSOP Las Vegas

#17 – Paulo Joanello – 2021

Event #77 ( $1,500 5IFTY Stack NLH) – Prize Pool: $321,917 – WSOP Las Vegas

#18 – Pedro Bromfman – 2022

Event #38 ($10,000 NL 2-7 Single Draw – $294,616) – Prize Pool: US$294,616 – WSOP Las Vegas

#19 – João Simão – 2022

Event #53 ($5,000 Mixed No-Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha) – Prize Pool: $686,482 – WSOP Las Vegas

#22 – Rafael Reis – 2023

Event #15 ($1,500 NLH 6-Max) – Prize Pool: $465,501 – WSOP Las Vegas

#23 – Yuri Martins – 2023

Event #47 ($1,500 H.O.R.S.E) – Prize Pool: US$207,678 – WSOP Las Vegas

# 24 – Gabriel Schroeder – 2023

Event #68 ($1,000 Super Turbo Prize) – Prize Pool: $228,632 – WSOP Las Vegas

#30 – Allan Mello – 2023

Event #02 ($1,500 Millionaire Maker) – Prize Pool: $1,000,000 – WSOP Paradise

Online Event:

#7 – Marcelo Pudla – 2020

Event #32 (Opening $100) – Prize Pool: $265,879

#8 – Yuri Martins – 2020

Event #42 ($400) – Prize Pool: $221,557

#9 – Eduardo Garla – 2020

Event #55 ($1,000 NLH Asia Championship) – Prize Pool: $461,709

#10 – Leonardo Mattos – 2020

Event Number.59 ($2,500 Double) – Prize Pool: $399,047

#11 – João Simão – 2021

Event #02 ($1,111 (NLH Kaiser Cares) – Prize Pool: $206,074

#12 – Thiago Crema – 2021

Event #04 ($800 NLH Double Chance) – Prize Pool: $161,636

#13 – Eduardo Pires – 2021

Event #07 ($1,500 Millionaire Maker) – Prize Pool: $1,384,013

#14 – Lucio Lima – 2021

Event #09 ($525 NLH SuperStack Turbo Prize Gold) – Prize Pool: $91,204

#15 – Renan Bruschi – 2021

Event #14 (USA) $500 The Big 500) – Prize Pool: US$150,326

#16 – Eduardo Rodrigues – 2021

Event #20 ($1,500 NLH Monster Stack Freezeout) ) – Prize Pool: US$212,815 p>

# 20 – Rafael Caiaffa – 2022

Event #03 ($2. 500 Limit Hold’em) – Prize Pool: $64,671

#21 – Gustavo Mastelotto

Event #11 ($400 Double Stack Prize) – Prize Pool: $106,562

#25 – Vitor Dzivielevksi – 2023

Event #16 on ($600 NLH Online Deepstack) – Prize Pool: 185,316 USD – USD

#26 – Vinícius Steves – 2023

Event #02 (Poker Corkscrew Gladiator $300) – Prize Pool: $234,707

#27 – Geraldo Cesar – 2023

Event #16 ($1,050 Secret Bounty Pot-Limit Omaha) – Prize Pool: $159,567

#28 – Yuri Martins – 2023

Event #24 ($10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Championship) – Prize Pool: $368,342

#29 – Rodrigo Seiji – 2023

Event #32 ($1,500 The Closer Bounty Turbo) – Prize Pool: $187,119

Allan Mello is the 30th bracelet owner in Brazilia...

Garagnani finishes runner-up in Mega Millions | Cordigo Poker

Garagnani finishes second in huge Mega Millions

Online Poker Garagani finished second in the massive Mega Millions.The Brazilian made it to the complex heads-up final table, where you can replay the action with your hole cards.

Brazilian poker continues to be the talk of our industry. On this occasion, player Pedro Garagnani showed off his skills at the final table of the special edition main event GGPoker ofSuper MILLION $Super MILLION$. The Paraná native finished in second place and earned $913,902, the largest prize of his career.

Pedro Garagnani The nearly $1 million live prize event featured 776 players who paid a $25,000 entry fee, including some of the best online poker players. Garaggnani established himself in the first part of the match, dominating the match and leaving his opponents breathless. However, in the second part of the FT, other players began to close the gap on the Brazilian.

At this point, Ukrainian player Andrey Lyubovetskiy begins an impressive series and become the tournament leader. Garagnani, on the other hand, followed a final table strategy and took advantage of the price increase to stay in the game.

The Brazilian player narrowly eliminated his opponent and entered the finals. Leading Ljubowitzki. However, a failed bluff allowed the Ukrainian to take the lead and control the game until the end.

Garaggnani ultimately failed to go all-in preflop, and the Brazilian’s K7 vs. 44 recovered, giving Lyubovetskiy first place plus $1,184,696.

Final Table:

1. Andrey Lyubovetskiy – 1,184,696 Dollar.2. Pedro Galaniani – $913,9023° Thomas Jozonis – $705,1454° Nino Ullmann – $544,1715° Duco Ten Haven – $420,0446° Simon Mattson – $324,3287° Ignacio Moron – $250,5218° Joao Vieira – $193,6089° Ivan Deyra – $149,722

Garagnani finishes second in huge Mega Millions

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