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First state to legalize poker this year

First state to legalize poker this year

There has been much discussion in recent months about various initiatives by state lawmakers to regulate online gambling. In Maryland, the first yes vote of 2024 goes to a project aimed at legalizing online poker in the United States. The plan received 70 percent approval in the House and is now headed to the Senate.

HB 1319 Presented by Republican Rep.Vanessa Atterbeary. The bill initially passed the House Ways and Means Committee on a 15-7 vote. The bill then went to the House, where it passed by a 92-43 vote.

The opposition group attempted to amend the bill five times before approval, but was rejected each time. One of them is to register an account and deposit money in person. Another scheme attempts to force each user to authenticate in two steps every time they log in. There is also an attempt to include an amendment aimed at setting a $100 limit on daily deposits in online poker rooms.

Fortunately, all of these amendments were voted against and the bill is moving forward. It must now be approved by the Senate.

First state to legalize poker this year

WSOP Brazil: Main Event Still No Armada

WSOP Brazil: Main Event Still No Armada

The WSOP Brazil Main Event concludes at the Windsor Malapendi Hotel in Barra de Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. This Wednesday, the winner will be announced when the nine survivors meet at the final table, which will bring joy to Brazilians as all the returning players are local players.

This is because only three members of the remaining Armada were eliminated on Tuesday (the third day), and their spots were not provided by the organization of this tournament, which registered 656 participants and had a prize of 4,000 Lei. YAR, for the distribution of guaranteed BRL 2.5 million. At one point, Julio Belluscio appeared on the live TV table, but after a break he was no longer visible, not even when he exited. The same thing happened to Luis Monges and Mario Del Valle, although they were not even in the photo.

Bartolo enters Day 3.

With 35 players entering Day 3, and 9 players remaining at o’clock on Day 4 (i.e. 13:00), Caio Araujo remains Leading the way, followed by Guilherme Sazan and Caio Ozawa. The minimum prize awaiting them is 37,500 reais, while the winner will receive 460,000 reais ($91,000).

Main Event Ranking – WSOP Brazil

1° Caio Araujo – 6,335,0002° Guilherme Sasan dos Santos – 6,200,0003° Ozawa Ayaou – 4,435,0004° Matheus Pereira – 4,345,0005° Rafael Grillo – 4,015,0006° Carlos Henrique Pinheiro – 3,765,0007° Leandro Rego – 2,160,0008° Herbert Farias – 945,0009° Roberto Felicio – 595,000

Real price

1º 460,0002°282,0003°200,0004° 155,0005° 122,0006° 95,2007° 69,5008° 47,5009° 37,500

WSOP Brazil: Main Event Still No Armada

Mike Watson Masters Short Deck Tournaments and Wins Triton Series

Mike Watson Masters Short Deck Tournaments and Win...

Strong Mike Watson returns to winning ways with a stellar performance in the Triton Series. At the Jeju Island event in South Korea, he took home the Golden Trident after leading almost from start to finish in Event 13: the US$25,000 Short Deck Ante Only. The Canadians won a total of $380,000.

“Obviously, it takes a little bit of luck to get results like this, but I feel like I’m getting better and playing my best poker lately.” Champion.

Watson did it all in Event 13, from bursting the ITM bubble to collecting eliminations in a star-studded FT. Now, the 39-year-old is part of a select group of three-time Triton champions and the only one of them who has never won at the NL Hold’em tables.

“I have always had fun playing different types of poker. They keep motivation and interest going. This is not a repeat game. Includes 33 unique prizes, with the 13th event awarding $1,300,000 worth of prizes :

1. Mike Watson (Canada) 2 $273,000

3. Seth Davis (USA) $177,500

4. Mikita Badziakouski (Belarus) $104,000

6. Wai Kin Yong (Malaysia) $80,500

7. China) $50,000

9. Thai Ha (China) $38,000

Mike Watson Masters Short Deck Tournaments and Win...

Three players receive KSOP Fortaleza package

Rhaniery Ferreira and two other players get the fu...

With just two weeks left until Brazilian Poker visits one of the country’s most beautiful destinations, a new satellite for the KSOP GGPoker Fortaleza took place this Monday on GGPoker, with three players winning a full run of the largest poker event in the Northeast gift pack.

Two of the three winners represent the green and yellow teams on the platform. One of them is Raniery Ferreira, “Velho_rhanis”, who will enjoy a 7-day stay at the Gran Marrero Hotel with a beautiful view and win the satellite Main Event with a buy-in of R$3,000.

Learn more: April’s KSOP GGPoker Fortaleza schedule includes can’t-miss tournaments; check out the highlights

In addition to Raniery, grinder “FuriaTJ ” and Chilean “Kosaloca” were also winners of the GGPoker satellite, with a total of 21 participants taking part in the KSOP Fortaleza.

The largest event in the Northeast will be held from April 3 to 9, with a guaranteed prize pool of R$5,000,000 for the stages and a guaranteed prize pool of R$1,000,000 for the main event. The next satellite of the event will take place this Tuesday at 8pm on GGPoker, with a $150 buy-in and two guaranteed packs. Secure your spot at the event by saving big.

Rhaniery Ferreira and two other players get the fu...

Nacho Barbero retires from PLO Championship, wins Triton Series title for second time

Nacho Barbero retires from PLO Championship, wins...

Nacho Barbero returns to live MTT in 2023 after a fantastic season, winning his second career Triton Series title. At the Jeju Island event in South Korea, he won Event 13: the US$30,000 PL Omaha Bounty for $763,000.

In an interview with Triton Blog, Nacho stated that he feels most comfortable in PLO. In a star-studded FT, he managed to slow down the momentum of Dan Smith, a player who had controlled proceedings from the start.

If he wins, Smith will win his second Golden Trident tournament. The American was eliminated in fourth place by Nacho, winning $280,000.

Shortly after, Nacho participated in a triple all-in, declaring the game over without the need for a heads-up.

Event 13 had 84 entrants and raised $1,680,000. Here’s how much each finalist won (including bonuses):

1. Nacho Barbero (Argentina) $763,000

2. Dan Dvoress (Canada) $342,000

3. Jan-Peter Jachtmann (Germany) $236,000

4. Dan Smith (USA) $280,000

5. Ding Biao (China) $247,000

6. Kirk Steele (Canada) $139,000

7. Matthew Wood (Canada) $120,000

Nacho Barbero retires from PLO Championship, wins...

Carrasco Poker Series Features Two Great Events

Carrasco Poker Series Features Two Great Events

The new tournament from LLFB Eventos starts this Tuesday at the spectacular Casino Carrasco in Montevideo:

The Main Event will take place from Wednesday to Saturday, with a buy-in of $300 and four Day 1 events, three of which will be in the regular format, with The 30-minute blinds, a level 10 turbo match, will be played on Saturday.

Casino Carrasco has towels ready.

Saturday is also the day after the winner of the Main Event will be announced the same day as the$800Buy-inHigh Rolleris played with 20-minute blinds.

A Super Satellite You Don’t Want to Miss

Additionally, there will be a $100 Super Satellite this Tuesday at 8 p.m. withtickets to both events awarding the Main Event and High roller. Yes, the Double Qualifier will award a $1,100 Spree, representing two buy-ins, one for $300 and another for $800.

Carrasco Poker Series Main Event Schedule US$30,000 GTD

Location:Carrasco Casino

Buy-in: US$300

Starting Chips: 30,000

Day 1A: Wednesday, March 6. – 7pm

Day 1B: Thursday, March 7. – 7pm

Day 1C: Friday, March 8. – 7pm

Day 1D Turbo: Saturday, March 9. – 10:00 a.m..

Day 2: Saturday, September 3rd. – 2 p.m.

Re-Admission: $300

Late Registration: Level 8

Blinds : 30 and 40 minutes

High Roller $30,000 GTD

Location:Casino Carrasco

Date: Saturday, September 3rd. – 18.00

Buy-in: $800Re-entry: $800

Start Stack: 50,000

Late Registration: Level 10

Blinds: 20 minutes

Super Satellite

Location:Casino Carrasco

Date: Tuesday, March 5th. – 8:00 PM

Buy-in: $100

Re-entry: $100

Starting Chips: 25,000

Late registration:Level 8

Carrasco Poker Series Features Two Great Events

Nilson Júnior beats many opponents to claim Global Million Dollar Prize and wins $91,000

Nilson Júnior beats many opponents to claim Global...

Less than two years after winning the Sunday Million, Nilson Júnior delivers a triumphant shout in an online tournament with even more participants. During his visit to GGPoker, he defeated over 24,500 opponents to reach the $50 Global Millions podium. Pilots of the “Traz o caju” account won a total of $91,449 in winnings.

Nelson is not the only player from the country to be in the final of the site’s most popular tournament. Léo Souza took bronze and earned $51,229, while “Pale Ale” finished ninth and earned $9,125.

In the $54 Bounty Hunter Main Event, “Efiuza701” emerged victorious. The first among 16,759 participants, he deposited $49,715. “IMPERA 10” also finished fourth in the PKO Championship for $19,710.

“Calmaporr@” defeated 8,985 opponents in Sunday’s $32.10 Bounty King event. The knockout earned the Brazilian $23,000 in total.

Nilson Júnior beats many opponents to claim Global...

Latin American Amateur Poker League Begins on 888Poker

Latin American Amateur Poker League Begins on 888P...

In March, the Latin American Amateur Poker League will be held again at 888Poker – LATAM LEAGUE. You can qualify for FREEROLLS QUALYS on Thursday and Sunday for the Tuesday date.

Changes and new features:Each points event will be broadcast on our Twitch channel. Everyone who participates in Tuesday’s game will receive points.

We invite you to 888Poker’s new LATAM LEAGUE March 2024 Latin America designed for casual players. What makes this league special is that it can only be played by users from the following countries: Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. The best part is more prizes are added every month.

Latin American Amateur Poker League Begins on 888P...

EPT: Markkos Ladev gets huge salary bump after 0.5 blinds

Markkos Ladev makes stunning comeback at €50,000 E...

EPT Paris’ €50,000 Super High Roller Event was one of the day’s major highlights in the world of poker. Six players, including many big names, are back in action today in the French capital vying for the championship and nearly €900,000 in prize money. Estonian Markkos Ladev is one of the contestants.

The pro entered the final table with the third-best chip stack, but didn’t have a lucky day on his way back to the tournament. However, after everything went wrong and with 0.5 blinds remaining, Ladev pulled off a sensational comeback and picked up a win that at least left a taste of victory.

Markkos Ladev entered at the end of the round when he tried to call a huge bluff on Chris Brewer, who got on the leaderboard. The Americans paid to watch, leaving the Estonians with 35,000 chips in the 40,000/80,000 blinds. Automatically going all-in from the big blind, Ladev began his comeback and tripled his stack to 105,000 chips, just over 1 blind.

The next time he came on, Ladev tripled again, this time with a king high(!). The stack is up to 275,000, now just over 3 blinds. He won another hand, reaching 610,000, and then it was his turn to go all-in against German Sirzat Hissou, who was out of form with K7 of spades against his opponent’s 99.

Ladev made a flush, tearing his opponent to pieces and leaving Hissou right in the blind spot after a crushing defeat. Not only did Markkos Ladev double up again and reach 12 blinds, but he also saw Sirzat Hissou eliminated on the next hand and pocketed a nice bonus of €58,300.

Markkos collapsed after the German closed his account with €189,600. Radev saw that his comeback was over. In another match against Chris Brewer, Stoan saw his opponent’s AJ beat him to a 33 and he left the tournament with €247,900. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than it could have been, right?

Markkos Ladev makes stunning comeback at €50,000 E...

Kim de Sousa leads Brazilian qualifiers on Day 1B of EPT Paris Main Event

Kim de Sousa leads Brazilian qualifiers on Day 1B...

Brazil has received reinforcements for the EPT Paris Main Event title race. On Day 1B, 12 Brazilian players survived 10 60-minute levels against nearly 700 players eliminated.

The green and yellow team is led by Kim de Sousa. As the owner of 149,500 chips, he will have 100 BBS when he returns to the Palace of Parliament.

After winning three KSOP GGPoker South American titles, Bruno Porto is tied with Kim on 145,000 chips.

Other qualifiers are Pedro Madeira (113,500), Carlos Ribeiro (95,000), Joao Siddons (86,000), Cayo Almdeda (68,500), Giovanni Torre (59,500), Luis Neto Horta (50,500) and Braulio Bianchetti (49,500), Wellington Guedes (37,000), Iuri Maia (32,000) and Diogo de Melo Cardoso (22,000).

Frenchman Gregory Fournier leads the way with 351,000 chips. Padraig O’Neill also advanced. In December, the Irishman won the Prague Main Event for €1,030,000.

Play resumes at 8am (Brazil time) with blinds of 1,000/1,500, BB bets. A total of 557 players have confirmed their participation, but since subsequent registrations will not end until the cards are issued, the number of participants may still increase. To date, 1,661 registrations have been completed, worth €5,300.

Kim de Sousa leads Brazilian qualifiers on Day 1B...

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