blachu3232 originates from Argentina. Mystery Bounty Key Attraction 888Poker

The largest Sunday event in the blue room was won by blachu3232 from Argentina, a frequent player and winner at 888Poker. The main event was the $100,000 Mystery Bounty.

For this outstanding accomplishment, he received a reward of $7,740 for coming in first place plus $1,390 in mystery bounties, for a total of $9,130.

This was the case with “YerarMarino,” another “boy” who often sticks out in 888Poker online events. “YerarMarino” finished 36th in this tournament. For this position, he was awarded 510 dollars ($170 plus $340 in Mystery Bounties).

This past Sunday, however, also delivered three other Latin American champions. One of them was the Ecuadorian “Pabloiniguez”, who earned $244 as the winner of the $1,300 Late PKO Rumble 5.50 event. And the remaining two winners were from Argentina:

“brush215” 🇦🇷 🏆 – $1,800 Prize for Early Big Shot 16.50 is $443.

“renova14” 🇦🇷 🏆 – $350 Deepstack Dash 5.50 – Prize $105

There are online competitions and promotions on the Facebook page of 888Poker.

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blachu3232 Argentina $100.000 Mystery Bounty Main Event

Posted: 10.03.2023


  • Guiseppe.lindgren

    This text highlights the achievements of various Latin American players at 888Poker’s Sunday event, including blachu3232 from Argentina who won the largest event and received a total reward of $9,130. It also mentions other winners from Argentina and Ecuador, and promotes upcoming online competitions and promotions on 888Poker’s Facebook page, including the LATAM LEAGUE 2023 tournament for Latin American athletes.

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