Gerson Braga leads the Brazilians on the third day of The Venom.

The inaugural The Venom of 2023 will create a new wealthy poker player. Gerson Braga, with an eye on the $1,200,000 prize pool, leads the Brazilians in the Americas Cardroom main event. At the conclusion of Day 2, he has 24,254,633 chips, ranking ninth among the 82 qualifiers.

Five other Brazilians are over the tournament average of 13,339 points. They are “coice no bucho” (13th with 20,391,623), Neville “RacaNegra” Costa (15th with 19,824,883), Dennys “gayx2x” Ramos (19th with 18,500,729), Gabriel “NoWideanything” Medeiros (24th with 17,171,279), and Joo “EdwardSnowden” Mathias (25th with 17,171,279). (31st – 14,817,839).

Bruno “Imo” Jardim (46th – 10,537,464), Renan Carlos “AbelKlopp” Bruschi (47th – 10,530,033), Paulo “prbr0mb” Brombim (50th – 10,489,790), and Nicolas “Paidanas” Coppini (50th – 10,054,720) all own eight-figure stacks. On the other side, Felipe “WRAUUUUUUU” Salgado (81st – 2,109,910) holds the penultimate position.

Currently, American “SHOOK Ones” are at the front of the line. He has collected 39,137,931 chips, or almost 195 bbs.

The third day starts at 15:05 (Braslia time). The remaining players have already amassed at least $19,000, and the game will continue until the FT is established.

Posted: 10.03.2023

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  • Halvorson.ward

    This text provides an overview of the current standings and chip counts of the Brazilian poker players participating in The Venom tournament. It highlights Gerson Braga as the leading Brazilian player and mentions the prize pool. Additionally, it notes that American SHOOK Ones is currently in the lead, and the third day of the tournament is about to begin with a minimum payout of $19,000 for the remaining players.

  • This text provides an update on the ongoing poker tournament, highlighting the performance of Brazilian players and their chip counts. It mentions a Brazilian player Gerson Braga leading the pack, along with several other Brazilians performing well. The tournament has attracted a significant prize pool, and the competition is set to continue until the final table is established.

  • This text provides information about the outcome of the inaugural The Venom poker tournament in 2023, highlighting the performance of Brazilian players. Gerson Braga leads the Brazilians with the ninth highest number of chips, and several other Brazilian players are also performing well in the tournament.

  • This text discusses the upcoming poker tournament, The Venom of 2023, and highlights the performance of various Brazilian players. It mentions Gerson Braga leading the Brazilians with 24,254,633 chips, ranking ninth among the qualifiers. The text also mentions the American player, SHOOK Ones, who currently has the most chips. The tournament has a prize pool of $1,200,000, and the third day is scheduled to start at 15:05 Brasília time.

  • Lindgren.clare

    This text provides a detailed update on the current standings of the Venom 2023 poker tournament, highlighting the performance of Brazilian players such as Gerson Braga and others with large chip stacks. It also mentions the American player SHOOK Ones leading the pack with nearly 195 big blinds. The tournament has significant prize money at stake and is set to continue until the final table is reached.

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