Interview with 4Poker chief executive Heath Cram

With just a few months remaining until the opening of the new poker site 4Poker, which has already been branded “Bryn Kenny’s room,” we met the room’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Heath Cram, to see how his team intends to carve out a niche in the online poker industry.

 Эксклюзивное интервью с директором 4Poker Хитом Крэмом

4Poker, a brand-new poker room run by Bryn Kenny and other ex-PokerStars workers, was introduced a few months ago. Therefore, we decided to ask its leader, Heath Cram, a few questions about the project’s and current online poker’s growth strategies so that he could offer his perspective.

Frames are necessary

Worldpokerdeals (WPD): What was 4Poker’s recruitment approach for seasoned industry professionals?

Heath Cram (HC): We’ve simply presented them with an opportunity to reproduce something dear to their hearts. For instance, the former PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker websites.

And then the “snowball effect” kicked in, as the presence of such a large number of well-respected individuals in the organization led others to see employment there as more desirable.

A short check on Linkedin reveals that 4Poker has more than 70 workers. Why did the corporation decide to form such a huge staff prior to the introduction of the room? To compete with the market leaders, it is difficult to compete with a small staff.

Creating your own poker product and gaming platform around it requires more than a handful of developers, despite the fact that they now dominate our company.

Also, we cannot plan for licensing-related actions without good legal assistance. Maintaining a high level of responsible gaming and all means to protect its integrity and security requires the rapid reaction of a well-coordinated workforce as well.

Interestingly, despite the fact that we have already employed about 80 employees, we do not have a great deal of available resources. For instance, there are just a few employees in the marketing and payments divisions, thus we scarcely qualify as an overstaffed organization. However, I do not believe that we are inferior to anybody in terms of employee quality.

Poker business models

How do you see the present status of the industry?

HC: The gaming industry as a whole is unquestionably contracting, as significant corporations consolidate and merge their resources. In such a scenario, the number of true rivals decreases, and market leaders take more hazardous activities, even for online poker, which is regarded a minor component of their product portfolio.

This dynamic is exemplified by the politics of digital behemoths such as Amazon, Google, Meta, and Microsoft. True, the GGPoker brand has shown that even closed private enterprises with just one product may “break into” a certain market segment.

Our business model will be distinct from that of GG. We must remain competitive with more established operators and determine the degree to which poker players are still interested in alternative market options.

Availability from several nations – the foundation of liquidity and success

WPD: Which components of 4Poker’s activities (promotions, software, regional availability, etc.) do you see as fundamental for project promotion?

HC: Currently, we are concentrating on developing a poker platform that will have inherent value in the future owing to its dependability, adaptability, and scalability. Aside from the software, the key to strong liquidity is thought to be the room’s accessibility from as many places as feasible.

4Poker will initially be accessible in 166 countries with the intention of establishing a worldwide player base prior to moving to more advanced licensed areas.

Obviously, there will be a significant number of important poker markets where we will not be allowed to operate immediately after launch, but there will also be a significant number of areas where PokerStars, partypoker, and 888 poker are not accessible.

WPD: How did 4Poker consider the experience of Run it Once Poker, a really fascinating product that was forced to shut owing to poor traffic?

HC: We won’t be the greatest product on the first day or even the first year, but we will strive to provide a nice experience in an atmosphere where everyone can realize their poker dreams.

Our objective is not to offer customers alternative gaming items, but rather to encourage a successful and fair poker game.

Run It Once taught us a great deal, and we conducted a comprehensive case study to ensure we were investing in an entirely distinct initiative. As stated before, liquidity is crucial, therefore we will be continually on the lookout for regional expansion and the introduction of enticing promotions (such as high-guarantee poker series) rather than useless new goods or loyalty programs.

I feel that the enticing findings that RIO has made are insufficient to support the player flood. Through brand representatives and payment agents, we will attempt to enhance the likelihood of 4Poker being more appealing to players in certain locations.

We appreciate Heath sharing his insights with us and eagerly anticipate the launch.

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Posted: 18.02.2023

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  • Maritza.kunze

    Overall, the text provides information about the new poker site 4Poker and its efforts to establish itself in the online poker industry. It highlights the recruitment approach, the size of the staff, and the business model of the company.

    The text suggests that the company has hired experienced industry professionals from popular poker websites like PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker to replicate the success of those platforms. The intention to compete with market leaders is emphasized, which is seen as a reason for the large staff size. The need for a well-coordinated workforce and legal assistance is also mentioned.

    In terms of the industry’s status, the text acknowledges that the gaming industry is contracting and market leaders are taking more risky actions. The example of GGPoker breaking into the market is mentioned, but the text states that 4Poker’s business model will be different.

    The text identifies the accessibility of the platform from various countries as a fundamental aspect for project promotion. The intention is to establish a worldwide player base before expanding into more advanced licensed areas. The text also mentions the importance of developing a reliable and scalable poker platform.

    The text ends abruptly, leaving the mention of Run it Once Poker’s failure due to poor traffic analysis unanswered.

    Overall, the text provides some insights into 4Poker’s strategies and goals, but it lacks depth and could benefit from further elaboration and a more cohesive structure.

  • Overall, the text discusses the upcoming launch of a new poker site called 4Poker, which is being branded as Bryn Kennys room. The author interviews the Chief Operating Officer, Heath Cram, to understand their strategies and plans for success in the online poker industry.

    The text highlights the recruitment approach of 4Poker, focusing on hiring seasoned industry professionals. Cram explains that they offered these professionals an opportunity to recreate something they were passionate about from their previous experiences at PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. This led to a snowball effect, attracting more well-respected individuals to join the organization.

    The text also mentions the decision to form a large staff prior to the launch of the room. Cram justifies this by stating that competing with market leaders requires a well-coordinated workforce and a variety of skill sets. They emphasize the importance of having a strong team of developers, legal assistance, and a focus on responsible gaming and security.

    Regarding the current status of the industry, Cram acknowledges that the gaming industry as a whole is contracting. However, he believes that there is still room for alternative market options and that 4Poker can compete with established operators by offering a distinct business model.

    In terms of project promotion, the text emphasizes the importance of developing a reliable and scalable poker platform. They also highlight the need for accessibility and regional availability, with the goal of initially launching in 166 countries. They acknowledge that there may be restrictions in certain important poker markets, but also see opportunities in areas where established platforms like PokerStars, partypoker, and 888 poker are not accessible.

    The text ends by mentioning the experience of Run it Once Poker, a product that had to shut down due to poor traffic and liquidity. While not explicitly stated, it suggests that 4Poker has likely taken this into consideration and aims to avoid a similar fate by focusing on liquidity and player base growth.

    Overall, the text provides insights into the strategies and considerations of 4Poker as they aim to carve out a niche in the online poker industry.

  • Overall, this text provides some insight into the new online poker site 4Poker and its approach to entering the industry. The text highlights that the site is being branded as “Bryn Kennys room” and is run by a team of experienced industry professionals, including former employees of PokerStars.

    The Chief Operating Officer, Heath Cram, explains that the recruitment approach aimed to attract professionals who had a passion for recreating successful poker websites like PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. The large staff size is justified as necessary to compete with market leaders and to handle tasks related to licensing, responsible gaming, and security.

    The text also acknowledges the contraction of the gaming industry as larger corporations consolidate resources, and how 4Poker aims to differentiate itself from its competitors, particularly GG Poker. The emphasis is placed on building a reliable and adaptable poker platform, and on expanding accessibility to as many countries as possible to establish a strong player base.

    The text does not provide much information about the experience of Run it Once Poker, which is mentioned at the end, but implies that 4Poker has learned from its mistakes in order to avoid a similar fate.

    Overall, the text presents an optimistic perspective on 4Poker’s potential for success in the online poker industry, highlighting its experienced team, focus on reliability and accessibility, and aim to carve out a niche in the market.

  • This text provides insights into the launch and positioning strategies of the new online poker site 4Poker, led by Bryn Kenny and other industry professionals. It highlights the recruitment approach, team size, industry analysis, and promotional strategies of the company.

    The COO, Heath Cram, emphasizes the importance of recruiting seasoned industry professionals to replicate successful models like PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. He also explains the strategic decision behind establishing a large workforce to compete with market leaders and ensure swift response to legal and operational challenges.

    Cram acknowledges the contraction of the gaming industry due to mergers and acquisitions by major corporations, but believes that 4Poker can still carve out a niche by offering a distinct business model focused on global accessibility and liquidity.

    Overall, the text presents a strategic outlook on how 4Poker plans to differentiate itself in the competitive online poker industry by leveraging experienced talent, scalable technology, and global market reach. It will be interesting to see how the company executes its growth strategies and competes with established operators in the coming months.

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