Japanese woman discovers poker at 71 and changes her outlook on life

Anyone who plays poker knows the game has the power to change things. Often, many of the concepts and lessons learned from the game can be applied to other areas as well, leading many to actually make poker a way of life.

Additionally, the mix of people, cultures and age groups in poker is another consideration. At one table, for example, you can find a young man pursuing his dream of becoming a professional, a grown-up millionaire and businessman, or even an older man who just wants a reason to chat.

On that last point, Japanese YouTuber “Sashimi” has a wonderful story to tell. The poker vlogger for YouTube uses her Twitter profile to talk about another player who learned about poker through video and changed her life.

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A 71 year old woman with no other purpose in life has accomplished so much. According to Sashimi, the 71-year-old said she was ready to leave with no regrets. It wasn’t until she discovered it through video poker and decided to play that everything changed: a love of poker changed Japanese women’s attitudes towards life.

The 71-year-old Japanese woman was so drawn to the game that she found a reason to stick with it, and according to the content creator, she said she no longer wanted to die, but wanted to play poker and enjoy the rest of her life. For someone who is passionate about games and knows everything about it, is there anything cooler than reading a story like this?

“71 year old lady from Japan who did everything in her life and she was like ‘No wish list. I could die anytime, no regrets!!!'” But after watching poker vlogs on YouTube, she changed idea. Now she does not want to die, she said she wants to play poker and enjoy the rest of her life. “

🇯🇵’s 71 year old lady who did everything in her life she was like “No bucket list. It’s ok to die anytime, no regrets!!! But after watching poker vlogs on YouTube, she changed her mind. Now she doesn’t want to die, she says she wants to play poker and enjoy the rest of her life https://t.co/kJJFRwwT5x pic.twitter.com/SP8F0gWNZC

– さし🐟 Sashimi (@sashimipoker) March 13, 2023

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Posted: 12.04.2023


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    I think this text highlights the transformative power of poker and how it can positively impact people’s lives, as seen in the example of the 71-year-old Japanese woman who found a new lease on life through poker. It also emphasizes the diverse mix of players that can be found at a poker table, showcasing the game’s ability to bring people from different backgrounds and age groups together.

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