Satellite to the KSOP GGPoker Special delivers 18 packages; check it out

The countdown to the KSOP GGPoker special has begun and many players have secured their seats in the Main Event at Balneário Camboriú. The first satellite pack was played on his GGPoker this Sunday and was a huge success. Guarantees nearly doubled, and in the end he was able to have 18 players qualify.

The satellite entry fee was $155 and there were 204 entries. As the number of players increases, 10 guaranteed packages become 18. Carlos Henrique “Wtfisthis”, Murilo Fidelis “RaiseBluff”, Arthur Torres “otuca”, Douglas Barbosa, André Berlanda “AAlecriM”, Caio Camargo “Keimouo 12 Mora” and Fernando Neri “Isildinho 1”.

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Also on the leaderboard is Douglas Garcia, currently the main event runner-up. He is from Santa Catarina and is affectionately known as “b_en [07]”. He won his whopping R$727,500 last year and gave a very interesting interview, recalling key moments in his career both in gaming and life.

Douglas and the other qualifiers won his R$3,500 main event his buy-in, his 11 nights at the D’Sintra Hotel and one guest. The KSOP GGPoker special will take place from April 20th to 30th at his ExpoCentro in Balneário Camboriú.

Check out the top 18:

“Under 04”

“Pedro Car T29”

Arthur Torres “Otuka”




Marcos Sousa “Malkin Sousa”



“Always bluff”


Douglas Garcia “b_en[07]”

Kaiou Camargo “Keimouo 12 Mora”

Douglas Barbosa

Carlos Enrique “Wtfisthis”

Andrea Berlanda “AAlecrim”

Murillo Fideli’s “Raise Bluff”

Fernando Neri “isildinho1”

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Posted: 12.04.2023
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