Start the week making history in WPT Global

Start a new week with online poker and make history at WPT Global. The World Poker Tour Room not only gives you the chance to put your name on top of tournaments, but it also gives you the opportunity to make your name the name of the tournament. Learn how here.

Start your week making history at WPT Global

WPT Global wants to put someone’s name in one of their tournaments…it could be you! started.

Every day at 18:45 ET* (your name or nickname) there is a deep stack tournament with a $5.50 buy-in and $500 guaranteed . What Room wants is to change “your name or nickname” to the name of a user who can win two of his contests within 30 days. It’s as easy as that.

If successful, simply contact WPT Global Customer Service and they will take care of the rest.

How to play WPT Global

Each player starts with his 20,000 chips and can register for the event until the end of level 12. Each player can re-enter him up to 2 times and the blinds increase every 4 minutes he has.

The tournament will also live in your name for 30 days or until the next person wins him twice.

Certain tournaments are now available under the Tournaments tab of the program. Want to immortalize in the WPT World competition? So here’s your chance.

*Please check the local time here

Posted: 12.04.2023
Weare CIS

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