EPT: Markkos Ladev gets huge salary bump after 0.5 blinds

Markkos Ladev makes stunning comeback at €50,000 E...

EPT Paris’ €50,000 Super High Roller Event was one of the day’s major highlights in the world of poker. Six players, including many big names, are back in action today in the French capital vying for the championship and nearly €900,000 in prize money. Estonian Markkos Ladev is one of the contestants.

The pro entered the final table with the third-best chip stack, but didn’t have a lucky day on his way back to the tournament. However, after everything went wrong and with 0.5 blinds remaining, Ladev pulled off a sensational comeback and picked up a win that at least left a taste of victory.

Markkos Ladev entered at the end of the round when he tried to call a huge bluff on Chris Brewer, who got on the leaderboard. The Americans paid to watch, leaving the Estonians with 35,000 chips in the 40,000/80,000 blinds. Automatically going all-in from the big blind, Ladev began his comeback and tripled his stack to 105,000 chips, just over 1 blind.

The next time he came on, Ladev tripled again, this time with a king high(!). The stack is up to 275,000, now just over 3 blinds. He won another hand, reaching 610,000, and then it was his turn to go all-in against German Sirzat Hissou, who was out of form with K7 of spades against his opponent’s 99.

Ladev made a flush, tearing his opponent to pieces and leaving Hissou right in the blind spot after a crushing defeat. Not only did Markkos Ladev double up again and reach 12 blinds, but he also saw Sirzat Hissou eliminated on the next hand and pocketed a nice bonus of €58,300.

Markkos collapsed after the German closed his account with €189,600. Radev saw that his comeback was over. In another match against Chris Brewer, Stoan saw his opponent’s AJ beat him to a 33 and he left the tournament with €247,900. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than it could have been, right?

Markkos Ladev makes stunning comeback at €50,000 E...

Posted: 28.02.2024

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  • This text describes an exciting poker tournament with a dramatic comeback by Estonian player Markkos Ladev. Despite a rocky start, Ladev managed to triple his chip stack and ultimately eliminate his opponents to earn a significant prize.

  • This text describes a thrilling comeback story for Markkos Ladev in the EPT Paris Super High Roller Event, where he turned a near elimination into a significant win. Despite facing tough competition and a rollercoaster of a final table, Ladev’s perseverance and strategic play ultimately paid off, earning him a substantial prize and a taste of victory.

  • This text describes a thrilling poker comeback by Markkos Ladev at the EPT Paris Super High Roller Event. Despite starting the final table with a small chip stack, Ladev made an impressive comeback and ultimately finished in third place, earning a substantial cash prize.

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    The text describes a thrilling comeback story in a high stakes poker tournament in Paris. Markkos Ladev faced adversity but managed to triple his chip stack multiple times, ultimately winning a significant amount of prize money.

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