Nilson Júnior beats many opponents to claim Global Million Dollar Prize and wins $91,000

Nilson Júnior beats many opponents to claim Global...

Less than two years after winning the Sunday Million, Nilson Júnior delivers a triumphant shout in an online tournament with even more participants. During his visit to GGPoker, he defeated over 24,500 opponents to reach the $50 Global Millions podium. Pilots of the “Traz o caju” account won a total of $91,449 in winnings.

Nelson is not the only player from the country to be in the final of the site’s most popular tournament. Léo Souza took bronze and earned $51,229, while “Pale Ale” finished ninth and earned $9,125.

In the $54 Bounty Hunter Main Event, “Efiuza701” emerged victorious. The first among 16,759 participants, he deposited $49,715. “IMPERA 10” also finished fourth in the PKO Championship for $19,710.

“Calmaporr@” defeated 8,985 opponents in Sunday’s $32.10 Bounty King event. The knockout earned the Brazilian $23,000 in total.

Nilson Júnior beats many opponents to claim Global...

Posted: 17.03.2024

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  • Domenica.medhurst

    This text highlights the impressive achievements of Brazilian poker players, with Nilson Júnior standing out for his continued success in online tournaments. The significant earnings and podium finishes showcase the talent and skill of these players in the competitive world of online poker.

  • It’s impressive to see Nilson Júnior continue his success in online poker tournaments, and it’s great to see other Brazilian players also performing well. The amount of money they have won is quite substantial and highlights the skill and talent of Brazilian poker players.

  • I think the text is celebrating the success of Brazilian poker players in online tournaments, showcasing their impressive winnings and accomplishments. It demonstrates the skill and talent of these players in a competitive field.

  • I think it’s impressive to see Brazilian players performing so well in online poker tournaments, with several of them reaching the final tables and earning significant cash prizes. It shows the skill and competitiveness of the players from the country in the online poker scene.

  • Kameron.beier

    I think this text is impressive as it showcases the skill and success of Brazilian poker players in online tournaments with large fields. It is notable that Nilson Júnior and other players from the country were able to achieve significant winnings and success in these events.

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