Rodrigo Anacoretto is Suprema’s Battle HR Champion

Rodrigo Anacoretto is Suprema’s Battle HR Champion

Rodrigo “VilaArapua” Anacoretto took a very tight straight to the podium in Suprema’s R$250 Battle HR on Thursday the 11th. There were 825 competitors in this competition.

In the R$2,000 Omax SHR competition, “Reizinho10” emerged from a field of 48 players to take home R$34,575. View other results:

R$ 750 HighS (107 entries)

Winner: “PequeNINA” R$ 19,401

R$ 550 Mystery HR (140 entries)

Winner: “Gostozaum” R$ 13,393

R$5 Plus (4,394 entries Entries)

Champion: “Dragao250” €12,100

Rodrigo Anacoretto is Suprema’s Battle HR Champion

Posted: 27.01.2024

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