WSOP Brazil: Main Event Still No Armada

WSOP Brazil: Main Event Still No Armada

The WSOP Brazil Main Event concludes at the Windsor Malapendi Hotel in Barra de Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. This Wednesday, the winner will be announced when the nine survivors meet at the final table, which will bring joy to Brazilians as all the returning players are local players.

This is because only three members of the remaining Armada were eliminated on Tuesday (the third day), and their spots were not provided by the organization of this tournament, which registered 656 participants and had a prize of 4,000 Lei. YAR, for the distribution of guaranteed BRL 2.5 million. At one point, Julio Belluscio appeared on the live TV table, but after a break he was no longer visible, not even when he exited. The same thing happened to Luis Monges and Mario Del Valle, although they were not even in the photo.

Bartolo enters Day 3.

With 35 players entering Day 3, and 9 players remaining at o’clock on Day 4 (i.e. 13:00), Caio Araujo remains Leading the way, followed by Guilherme Sazan and Caio Ozawa. The minimum prize awaiting them is 37,500 reais, while the winner will receive 460,000 reais ($91,000).

Main Event Ranking – WSOP Brazil

1° Caio Araujo – 6,335,0002° Guilherme Sasan dos Santos – 6,200,0003° Ozawa Ayaou – 4,435,0004° Matheus Pereira – 4,345,0005° Rafael Grillo – 4,015,0006° Carlos Henrique Pinheiro – 3,765,0007° Leandro Rego – 2,160,0008° Herbert Farias – 945,0009° Roberto Felicio – 595,000

Real price

1º 460,0002°282,0003°200,0004° 155,0005° 122,0006° 95,2007° 69,5008° 47,5009° 37,500

WSOP Brazil: Main Event Still No Armada

Posted: 27.04.2024

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  • Mueller.marina

    This text provides a detailed update on the WSOP Brazil Main Event, highlighting the local players’ success and current standings. It also mentions the prize money distribution for the finalists.

  • I think the text provides a detailed overview of the WSOP Brazil Main Event, including information on the remaining players, prize amounts, and rankings. The fact that all returning players are local adds an interesting dynamic to the competition.

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