KSOP GGPoker will award R$850,000 based on standings.

The cooperation between KSOP and GGPoker has already introduced several new features and promises to enhance Brazil’s most popular poker circuit. Among the numerous new features, the changes to the ranking were the most significant, and players may now ensure a big value boost based on their performance during the year.

The rankings will honor the overall champion, the foreign champion, the PLO champion, and the “Copa Libertadores Del Poker” champion, one of the outstanding innovations produced in conjunction with the Argentinean Poker Circuit (CAP) and the Iguazu Poker Tour (IPT).

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The total rating, comprised of five live events and two online competitions, has the most weight. This group will get a total of R$440,000. It also has additional unique considerations. The winner of the general rating will be awarded the bagatelle of R$200,000 and the title of Brazilian poker champion.

Moreover, the winner of the overall standings will become Team Pro KSOP GGPoker for the 2024 season. With this title, the player will get one free buy-in to the Main Event at each circuit stop. This player will also get a unique avatar on GGPoker and a seven-day Las Vegas VIP Experience package.

In addition, each KSOP GGPoker stage includes a Best 36 Leaderboard, where the top 36 players from the previous stage are guaranteed a position in a Freeroll shootout. The winner of the TOP 36 Leaderboard will be awarded a Renault Kwid.

The following is a description of what each rating will include:


Total prize: R$440,000;.

Seven stages, five live and two online.

1ST – R$200.000

– Title of Champion of Brazilian Poker in 2023.

– Team Pro KSOP GGPoker throughout the 2024 season, including one buy-in for each stage’s main event.

– Exclusive/personalized avatar on GGPoker – LAS VEGAS package including: 7 nights, flights, one main event buy-in for USD10,000, and VIP Experience Las Vegas.

2ND – BRL 70,000 3RD – R$40,000

4º – R$25.000

5º – R$15.000


Valid in modes 4 and 4/5 Card

1ST – $20,000.00


The 36 top players from the particular rating of the previous stage will compete in this competition, with each stage winner receiving a Kwid.


This yearly rating is only applicable for non-Brazilian contestants.

1ST – $7,000.00 2ND – $4,000.00 THIRD – $3,000.00

Copa Libertadores de Poker Champion

The title of Champion of the Copa Libertadores Del Poker KSOP will be awarded by GGpoker, CAP (Circuito Argentino de Poker), and IPT (Iguazu Poker Tour). The top 18 KSOP GGPoker finishers, the top 9 CAP finishers, and the top 9 IPT finishers will participate in an exclusive event for the bracelet and the Copa Libertadores Del Poker Champion Title, to be held in late 2023 in the Iguazu Casino with free lodging.

Posted: 10.03.2023

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  • This text describes the collaboration between KSOP and GGPoker to enhance Brazil’s poker circuit. It highlights new features such as changes to rankings and offers various rewards and prizes for winners, including cash prizes, a Las Vegas VIP experience package, and the opportunity to become a Team Pro KSOP GGPoker player.

  • This text describes the cooperation between KSOP and GGPoker in Brazil’s popular poker circuit, introducing new features and changes to the ranking system. It outlines the prizes and benefits for top performers, including cash rewards, team pro status, VIP experiences, and exclusive events.

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