Poker mining for free for WPD gamers

Mining in poker is the simplest and quickest method to get knowledge about your opponents without playing against them, allowing you to instantly prepare for their strategy’s peculiarities. In this essay, we shall provide further detail.

Покер майнинг бесплатно для игроков WPD

What is poker mining?

Mining is a database of hand history collected by special programs, which includes almost all hands played at a limit for a certain period of time.

Everyone who brings HUD to the tables with the help of trackers knows that the more statistics accumulate on an opponent, the more opportunities there are to get profit from him or get out of difficult hands with minimal losses.

But often this will be hindered by an insufficiently representative sample of the opponent, which simply cannot provide reliable data. After all, the rarer the stat you need to make a decision, the more hands you have to play against this particular person. The number of such hands can be measured in tens of thousands, and even for grinders of your limit, it will take months to collect them.

It is precisely in solving this problem that mining helps – all hands from your working level of rates collected over weeks and months.

What are the benefits of using mining?

Questions and answers

✅ How to import mining into the tracker?

To do this, you need to unzip the files and use the “Import” button to specify the path to its folders. On the example of PokerTracker 4: “Get Hands From Disk- Select Directory” and wait for the copy to complete.

✅ How accurate is mining?

Usually coverage is 95-97%.

✅ How do poker rooms feel about the use of mining?

Officially they don’t allow you to use hands you haven’t played in, but in reality the rooms don’t track players with mining.

✅How high is the probability of a ban for mining?

For this reason, accounts were blocked only in Stars, but there were very few of them. Such players came across because they used mining autoloaders or posted evidence of its use in the public domain.

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Posted: 10.03.2023
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